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Home Remodeling and Energy Efficiency

Incredible Builders, Inc.:  Home Remodeling and Energy Efficiency

When homeowners are considering remodeling older homes, we suggest you include energy efficiency as part of your planning.   Areas for review should include insulation, windows, lighting, appliances, climate controls, and HVAC age.  The main reasons are saving money in the years ahead, and having a more comfortable living space.  Building codes for energy loss have been increased over the last 20 years, and manufacturers have responded with more energy-efficient products.  An energy audit will show what areas need to be addressed.

Your HVAC system should be reviewed especially if you are adding an addition.  Older HVAC systems may only be 80% efficient and may not accommodate a larger footprint. Replacing with new units can provide up to 97% efficiency with multi-stage operation and variable speed fan.


Climate controls can make an impact on reducing energy and saving money on your heating and cooling bills.  New thermostats are available with programmable settings that automatically raise or lower temperatures during the day and night-time.  Some controls come with an app for your smart phone that allows you to change settings from wherever you are.  This allows you hold a specific temperature that you forgot to set when you went on vacation. 


Windows tend to be the largest energy loss as well as the areas around the windows. Older windows should be replaced with new energy efficient double or triple pane windows.  Caulking around windows should be installed to seal against air leaks.  Older doors and door thresholds should be replaced and sealed with caulk. If an older home has an unfinished attic, additional insulation is probably needed.  Air leaks around electrical outlets can be addressed with an insulating product in the wall around the outlet.  Skylights can add natural sun light providing additional heat to rooms, and reducing energy costs.

Consider replacing older kitchen appliances with newer energy efficient models.  Refrigerators are typically the highest energy draw.   If part of your plan is to remodel the kitchen, you should consider replacing all your appliances with energy star-rated models.  Not only will you see energy cost savings, but it will add to the home value.  Consider replacing light bulb with LED bulbs.

A link on energy star, can provide many ideas on energy savings and product rebates.  You should also consider tax credits that may be available on energy saving products.

Home owner should also consider Solar Panels.  Most installations are sized to cover your electrical needs based on the size of the family and size of house. For example a family of 2 may only need 12 panels where as  a family of 5 may need 24 panels. Now most folk think that the panels will be too expensive.  There are incentives available to lower the panel costs.   In 2019, the federal government covers 30% of home solar panel costs via a federal solar tax credit.  ComEd covers an additional nearly 30% of the system cost by purchasing Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) from the homeowner.   


                                  So Consider Incredible Builders Inc. (IBI) for your remodeling needs.  IBI has an “A+” Rating with the BetterBusiness Bureau, and 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.  We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your project.  Please give us a call at 844-HIRE-IBI (844-447-3424).



Winter is Approaching!

Winter is Approaching!

In Lake in the Hills, Algonquin and West Dundee, fall is here as we see the leaves starting to change color.  The coming of winter brings cold weather and our desire to stay inside our homes.  We would like to remind you of some good home winter home care practices.

Furnace and Humidifiers:

It is time to replace your filter on your whole house humidifier.  The filter should be replaced before using the humidifier for winter.  See the attached link for tips on how to accomplish this (  Also, high humidity in homes can cause major condensation damage to your home during the winter.  Here is a cheat sheet of where humidity levels should be set at during certain temperature ranges.  This chart is taken from April Aire’s website:

Furnace filters should be changed once a month, and if not done can stop the operation of your furnace due to lack of airflow.  When the furnace senses low air return it thinks there is a problem and will shut down.

Smoke Detectors/Carbon Monoxide:

We recommend that your smoke detector batteries be replaced twice a year (before winter and before summer) and tested once a month.  This is a good time to make sure there is a Carbon Monoxide detector on each level of your home.  If you don’t have hardwired smoke detectors interconnected in your home.  It is super important to purchase wireless interconnect models: 

Lawn Sprinklers and Garden hoses:

If you have a lawn sprinkler system, it is time to have the water blown out of the lines. This protects against freezing and damaging the system.  On November 3, you will need to set your clocks ahead as daylight saving time ends.  Make sure to disconnect all outdoor hoses, leaving them on can cause broken pipes.

Gutters and Dryer Vents:

After the leaves fall from the trees, make sure to clean your gutters.  Ice damning that causes major interior water damage is often caused by clogged gutters.  This is a great time to check your dryer vent and make sure it is not clogged with lint.  Make sure to have this vent cleaned at least once every two years, and more often with very heavy use.

Draft Stopping:

Keep the fireplace flue closed when not in use.  Make sure to adjust the thresholds to your entry door and garage service door.  Doors will shrink and a lot of airflow can be present on the bottom side of the door.  There are 4 screws on the door frame threshold that can be adjusted up to make better contact with the door sweep.  Make sure all windows are locked, this will help engage the thermal seals.  To help with windows with drafts.  Buy and install the plastic window wrap and window seals.  Here is a video on how to use both:


Now, you might have thought about remodeling projects inside your home. You may want more ability to provide activities for your children. You might have the desire to do more entertaining of family and friends that your current home does not provide.

Here are some good projects to get done when contractors are not busy in the winter months.  Most times the work can be done at a DISCOUNT:

  • Convert an unfinished basement into a play area and additional living space. Add a bar area and bathroom for entertaining.
  • Update a family room or loft for the inside entertainment area
  • Kitchen and bathroom upgrades
  • Pretty much any interior remodel can be done December-March at a DISCOUNT.

Call Incredible Builders, Inc. can get free estimates for floor plan design. By planning now, you can expect a timely process and completion of your project ideas.

If you hire Incredible Builders, a project manager is assigned to work with the village to obtain the permit, to adhere to the schedule, and to ensure the quality of the construction meets your satisfaction?  Incredible Builders Inc. has a “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau, and 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.  If you would like to discuss a remodel project, give us a call at 844-HIRE-IBI (844-447-3424) or use our contact page on



Room Additions!

There are many events in life that affect the size of a home. When you first moved into your current home, let’s assume that you had no children or perhaps one child? Years later, your family has grown, and you find that your living space is too small to live comfortably, but still want to stay in that great school district.

Incredible Builders can help guide you through the Design/Build process. We will go over the design with the idea of maximizing functionality and determining the best layout for your 1st or 2nd floor addition. If an architect is needed, we will have ours create an architect’s print to be included with the permit application.

Inverness Room and Patio Addition & Remodel

Areas for consideration are:

  • Wall removals that may require engineered beams
  • additional bathroom to accommodate bedroom additions
  • electrical or plumbing upgrade
  • heating/cooling system upgrade
  • Flooring tie-ins
  • village requirements


You may need financing to supplement your budget? We can steer you to local banks that can help. So when you hire us, Incredible Builders Inc. will provide you with the quality of work and professionalism that you expect. We have an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau, and      5-star reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Our owners have 50+ years of experience in the construction industry. So if you live in the Inverness, Barrington, or north/northwest suburbs, call us at 844-HIRE-IBI to discuss your ideas for a proposed addition.  


Upgrading or Expanding your Kitchen

Every home owner has different decorating tastes, styles, and color pallets.    Having worked the Incredible Builders, Inc booth at various Home Builders shows over the last couple of years, home owners have asked a lot of question about their specific kitchen project. Here is a glossary of some ideas that you should consider to get started on the planning:

  • Is there enough cabinets and pantry space to store all your kitchen needs
  • Would you like an Island to accommodate more family members and for entertaining friends and family
  • Is there enough lighting and electrical outlets to service the new design
  • Will the plumbing need to be relocated to provide the best layout
  • Is a smart kitchen internet connections needed with the new appliances for remote access?
  • Current trends opt for an open floor plan. It is usually required to accommodate the items listed above.


If your kitchen has not been remodeled in 15-20 years, styles, color pallets, appliances, countertops, and floor coverings have changed. Do you use ceramic or travertine tile, laminate or solid wood flooring? They now have tile that looks like a wood floor. Knobs on the cabinets have so many styles and colors i.e. brushed nickel, chrome, black, etc. Countertops now come in Granite, Quartz and Corian with a variety of colors to choose from. The most popular appliance color right now is stainless steel. But black, white and black stainless steel are available. The most popular cabinet color is white. But there is also grays and dark brown to name a few.

The above picture is a kitchen we remodeled. You can see the spacious island, subway tile backsplash, pendant lights, and stainless steel appliances.


What can a great Builder/General Contractor offer you to make the process smooth?

  • Does the company have a design person on staff to guide you in the selection of your cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances, colors and layout to complement the new design?
  • Do they have available software so that can show you a visual concept of your new design?
  • What material grades do they work with i.e. cabinets, countertops, tiles, floors?
  • If you want to remove a wall, do they have the capabilities for engineering and installing any necessary beams?
  • Are estimates free so that you can plan your budget, and are their pricing competitive?
  • Do they take care of getting the permits, village meetings and working with the village inspectors to completion?
  • Are they bonded to work in the village and meet the insurance requirements?
  • Is a project manager assigned to your project and do they follow strict schedules?
  • What type of warranty is provided for the product and services that they provide?
  • Are references of other satisfied customers available?
  • What rating does the Better Business Bureau give the Contractor? An “A+” rating is the best rating. Are there any complaints and were they resolved? The top rating attests to quality and customer service.


So take all this into your decision process when you are picking that contractor. Don’t make a hasty decision based on price along. Factor in all the consideration above before you make your final decision. Make sure that you will be comfortable working with the general contractor you select.

Incredible Builders has all of the items mentioned above covered. They are “A+” rated with the Better Business Bureau, and have 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.   So if you living in Huntley, Hampshire, Crystal Lake, Lakewood, Lake in the Hills, Algonquin, or the northwest suburbs and are looking for a Kitchen Remodeler, why not call us to discuss your next project and our capabilities. Review our website for ideas, and visit us on Facebook for any special promotions. Incredible Builders, Inc 844-HIRE-IBI


Master and Guest Bathroom Remodel

It is said that an updated bathroom and kitchen will sell a home fast. Having sold a home 2 years ago, our realtor suggested that we freshen up or remodel them before we planned on selling.  And our home sold in 1 day. However, many home owners (that are not selling) want to update their bathrooms if the design is over 15 years old. At recent home improvement shows, people came into our booth and asked about ways to update or enlarge their bathrooms.

Common requested improvements to bathrooms were:

  • Increase shower size, add rain shower head and separate hand held spray/massage head
  • Dual sinks to accommodate more than one person at same time
  • Larger tub space and option for whirlpool function
  • Separate enclosed toilet area to improve privacy
  • Enlarge closet area to provide space similar to a walk in closet
  • Mold proof grout used to eliminate sealing the tile every year


Once you decide what improvements you want to make, you will need to work with a top rated contractor, like Incredible Builders, that can provide a turnkey service (from design to finished room).

Incredible Builders will be able to assist in:

  • A good layout of the bathroom to determine which features can be incorporated in the space available
  • What the latest styles in fixtures and tile design combinations including mold free grout
  • Possible use of stay clean treated glass in shower doors and frameless shower enclosures
  • What the village codes are that effect the electrical wiring, outlets, load requirements, plumbing supply and waste removal requirements
  • A quotation with the costs to complete the remodel


Incredible Builders uses all licensed Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Dry-wallers, and Painters. If an architect is needed, we have access to one. We will assign a project manager that will adhere to the schedule, obtain necessary permits, and work with village inspectors to pass their requirements. We will provide free estimates for the project. This will help you decide if the project is within your budget constraints? If it is over your budget, we can work with your design with ideas that could lower the cost to meet budget.   We have 5 star ratings on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. If you live anywhere from Northbrook to Hoffman Estates, Schaumburg or close to our home office in Hampshire, and Huntley area any North or Northwest Suburbs, contract Incredible Builders, Inc at 844-HIRE IBI (844-447-3424), or visit us on Facebook