Commercial Construction Huntley

Incredible Builders can accommodate an assortment of Huntley commercial construction projects. Some of our prior projects include office build outs, tenant space renovations, office expansion, commercial kitchens & restaurants, as well as general maintenance. Incredible Builders incredible team has comprehensive experience in Pre-development and Pre-construction services, supporting Site Layout and floor plans, and drafting multiple plans for the same property to help in the decision-making process.  We work with you though design review, zoning, special use permits, and variances.  We will represent you at the different municipal departments such as current planning, zoning and fire departments, coordinating meetings with architects and engineers as well as city municipalities and utility companies.

Commercial Construction, in Huntley or the surrounding area, can come in a multitude of forms, from restaurants to government buildings. Incredible Builders has built its reputation on being the best and most respected commercial construction company in Huntley, Illinois. We specialize in the following commercial construction projects:

  • Office Tenant Improvements
  • Retail / Shopping Malls
  • Restaurants / Bars /Nightclubs
  • Hotel and Motel Construction
  • Medical and Dental Office Buildings
  • Community Recreation Centers

Business owners understand how vitally important it is to work with a company that truly understands the complexities of commercial construction, especially with the unique challenges each different type of building possesses.  Incredible Builders recognizes this, and that is why we are known for providing superior quality, service and punctual performance. 

From pre-construction through the warranty phase, we strive to provide our clients superior quality construction services, and to create customer relationships created on mutual respect, professionalism, integrity and a dedication to our client’s needs and goals. We also take your goals and needs into account from the beginning, starting with the planning phase.  Our designs account for future expansion, reception areas, workstation requirements, handicap accessibility, and fire safety requirements.  We are well versed in Huntley city ordinances and zoning. Permits and Local regulations play an essential part in the construction process and this is where you, as an owner, do not want inexperience.

Contact Incredible Builders today and we can start your project right away.  (844)447-3424