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Incredible Builders is the builder of choice for custom decks in Elgin. Have you thought or decided that a new deck would be a good addition to your back-yard landscape? Did you know well-constructed decks add value to your home? If so, you have come to the right place. When it comes to decks, the knowledge, of Incredible Builders, as a deck builder, will help design the right deck for your Elgin home. We specialize in serving customers during every phase of deck construction including: planning, designing, and making your dream outdoor living space a reality. Conveniently located near Elgin, Incredible Builders is a licensed and insured deck builder proudly serving all surrounding areas.

At Incredible Builders, building decks is our passion and any less is an understatement. We believe teaching and imparting in our team pride in workmanship is the reason we are the industry leader. Incredible Builders has the unique vision to provide the highest quality service by building safe, clean and great looking decks, resulting in happy customers for many years.

Contrary to popular belief, decks are an investment not an expense.  Decks add value to your Elgin property, while adding living space and a comfortable place to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. While wood decks offer the best return on your investment, a long-lasting composite deck can be just as gorgeous with the added modern touch. As your local deck builder in Elgin, Incredible Builders can design a deck that you will fall in love with and bring the most value to your home.

What deck adds the highest value to your home without breaking the budget?

Wood decks undeniably a lot more budget friendly than composite decks. Wood decks rank in the top 10 home improvements on the Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report.  We have heard people say that wood decks are boring!  Actually, the opposite is true, Incredible Builders can add features to enhance the appearance including the addition of stain. We want every homeowner to be proud to show their friends a beautiful backyard with a well-built wood or composite deck. Moreover, if you cringe at the thought of having to stain or paint your deck every few years, then you should consider a composite deck.  Composite decks are not only beautiful, modern and comfortable, they require little maintenance to maintain their freshness for years to come!

Are you ready for the deck of your dreams?  Are you ready for an Incredible Elgin deck?

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