Backyard hardscapes are trending in our society. Putting in a pergola for shade over a new deck is now the in thing. However, keeping up with Jones should not be the only reason for putting one or the other in or both. You need to decide, with the help of one of our experts, what works best for your specific property. We include in our suggestions and evaluation your property specifics and your wants and needs. Not only do we consider these items but how they coincide with HOA regulations and city ordinances. Who better to do your job than the experts in Hampshire, IL requirements and regulations.

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is an architectural backyard feature that is both beautiful and functional. A pergola can be built using a variety of materials, from wood to metal. Custom designs are also available in both layout and features, yet built to serve privacy and shade in the backyard.

What would a Pergola be without a supporting deck?

A deck adds character to your backyard. A deck is the foundation for your outdoor kitchen or family area. From casual dining and entertaining to family gatherings, a deck will provide year round usefulness and beauty to your home. Our deck designs are completely custom and we offer a wide range of solutions to broaden your choices designs.

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