As we see an end coming to the summer months and fall approaching, have you put off any remodeling projects that you wanted to get completed before the end of the year? One that many home owners have thought about in the past is a kitchen update. Kitchens designed 15-20 years ago may have lost their ability to meet your needs today. Many kitchens were designed with a small galley style footprint that lacked the ability for cooking and entertaining at the same time. There are issues a home owner may have with the remodel. Walls may be required to be removed to increase size. If a load bearing wall is removed, a new support beam needs to be installed. If the layout of the appliances is to be changed, new plumbing and electrical will be required. So the design is very important in estimating the costs of the addition.


What items are on your wish list to be added? Here I some that we see home owners asking for:

  • A more functional kitchen that adds room to cook
  • A large island that can seat all of the family for eating and socializing later in the day
  • Open concept where you can be cooking in the kitchen and converse with company in the family room or watch TV at the same time.
  • A larger pantry for storing food and more cabinets for storing kitchen supplies


Incredible Builders Inc. will help with the project from design to finish. They will listen about the specific changes the home owner wants, and then create a design for the home owner to review and approve. This will help in estimating the cost and providing a proposal. Once the contract is signed, a project manager is assigned to insure timely completion and quality of the wall we perform. If an architect is needed, we have access to one. Incredible Builders Inc. uses all licensed Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Dry-wallers, and Painters.  


Why not let Incredible Builders, Inc. guide you through the remodel. We will provide free estimates for design and construction? This will help you decide if the project is within your budget constraints? We will obtain necessary permits, and work with village inspectors to pass their requirements? We have 5 star ratings on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Please contact Incredible Builders, Inc. at                844-HIRE IBI (844-447-3424), or visit us on Facebook