Experiencing a fire can be a very devastating event that most people don’t want to even think about. Although you may think in terms of a personal favor that it could never happen to you, yet it is always good to have some type of contingency plan in place just in case. Now when a fire does take place fireman do a phenomenal job extinguishing it and preventing further damage. Now when the fire department leaves this is when the real challenge begins. There is a possibility that you will have to deal with not only fire and smoke damage but also water damage from putting the fire out. Fire damage will require some type of restoration beyond your due bounds. In other words you may be incapable of resolving this matter on your own. This is where we take over. At Incredible Builders in Cary we have a rapid response team that is available for you 365 days a year and 7 days a week.   When you experience fire damage this is not something that can be taken care of at deliberate speed but needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Fire damage can cause significant damage to your roof which may lead to it leaking and possibly caving in. The quicker you start the restoration process the quicker you prevent damage from spreading throughout your property. Things that are damaged in a fire are not always salvageable.

Fire restoration requires several steps such as; emergency contact, assessment, tarp and sealing services, clean up, repair and renovation, and consultation. When you have experience fire damage it is imperative that you call the fire department immediately. We then can formulate a plan of action once we are able to determine actually how much damage has been done. We will put necessary parameters in place to prevent further damage. Our cleanup process will have your location back to normal in no time.

A fire can be a terrible experience for anybody. This experience can make people scared and uncertain. It is bad enough when fire damages a residential area but when it damages a commercial area it can be very costly. Fire damage can disrupt a business’s daily operations by jeopardizing both jobs and profits. It is important to seek restoration services within the first 24 hours. Incredible Builders in Cary is committed to reducing further losses that came as a result of fire damage. It is our main priority to restore normalcy back to either your home or business so daily operations can resume.