Nobody wants to think about their household experiencing damage from a fire but it is always good to be prepared just in case.  After the fire trucks leave, you not only have to be concerned with fire and smoke damage but also from water damage that came as a result of the firemen’s efforts in ending the fire.  When you experience fire damage you need restoration as soon as possible.  At Incredible Builders in Crystal Lake we have a rapid response team available 24 hours 365 days a year.  The quicker you get fire restoration started the more you can prevent further damage from spreading throughout your property. In some cases when there is a fire some things in the home are not salvageable.   For example, a fire can cause significant damage to your roof.  The slightest little bit of rain could cause a major water leak.  Fire damage restoration involves a six step process: Emergency contact, Assessment, Tarp and Sealing Services, Clean up, Repair and Renovation, and consultation.  Once you experience fire damage you should call the fire department immediately.  Then it is important to see exactly how much damage has been done so you can formulate a plan of action.  It is further damage that was initially caused by the fire.  The restoration process involves taking the necessary steps to get your property back to normal.

A fire can be a very disturbing experience for a family. It can definitely compromise the security of their household by leaving them at a high level of vulnerability.  They may even feel hopeless after experiencing damage after a fire.  If you experience a fire on a business level it can be just as devastating.  It can lead to a disruption in daily operations which can ultimately lead to a loss of business and revenue.  Between 24-48 hours which is commonly referred to as the golden hours it is very important to seek restoration. Now when it comes to the restoration process there are things that we at Incredible Builders in Crystal Lake take in consideration such as; loss of value, loss of use, replacement cost vs. restoration cost, and sentimental value.   Incredible Builders in Crystal Lake fire restoration services includes: demolition, emergency board up, soot removal film application, and complete reconstruction.  We want to restore your home or business back to the condition it was in prior the fire damage.