Don’t put off spending more time outside enjoying your yard to the fullest.  With the amount of rain we had this season, it has be hard to accomplish this.  If you have a deck or patio, your time enjoying it has been limited.  What options could be provided to protect against the rain.  Then there are the bugs and mosquitos that now are out due to so much rain. You could use something to shelter from the rain, the bugs and eventually the hot sun.   Incredible Builders is a distributor of Four Seasons, and they have a product that can protect against all these elements. It is called LifeRoom.

LifeRoom lets your enjoy your backyard again for dining, entertaining or just relaxing with family and friends.  So it is a combination of a patio cover and screen room.  LifeRoom’s unique smooth glide motorized screens can be raised or lowered for privacy or  to keep pesky bugs and mosquitoes away.  You can enjoy a meal outside come rain or shine. Thus you have a patio cover by day and screen room by night.  There are a variety of LifeRoom options available:

  • Variable sizes that attach to the back of your home
  • Full aluminum structure that meets wind and snow load requirements
  • Easy touch remote to raise and lower the screens. With screens up you have a patio cover.  With screen down you have a screen room.
  • Can lighting in the ceiling, and a ceiling fan to provide comfort
  • LED lighting above the screens creates a nice atmosphere in the evening.
  • Cool Mist and Soft Breeze technology can reduce the inside temperature even on the hottest days
  • Patented Screens can reduce UV rays by 95%
  • See LifeRoom here:


Let Incredible Builders, Inc. guide you through this addition.  We will provide free estimates for design and construction. This will help you decide if the project is within your budget constraints.  We will assign a project manager that will adhere to the schedule, obtain necessary permits, and work with village inspectors to pass their requirements. Please contact Incredible Builders, Inc. at 844-HIRE IBI (844-447-3424), or Contact us via our web page.