Framing Elgin

Incredible Builders is the premier provider of framing projects, for new construction and renovation projects, in Elgin. Beginning with initial project planning and entitlement processing to raising the walls, we can handle every phase of your next framing project. We have a team of incredible framing experts you can rely on to ensure your project is completed right, within budget, and on time. We offer both steel and wood framing, the choice is yours.  We believe our Elgin team of professionals are extremely skilled and we take great pride in the framing projects we’ve completed over the years.

What is Framing?

Framing, in construction terms, is the adding together and the adhering structural materials to give a structure support and a defined shape.  Common framing materials are: wood, engineered wood, or structural steel. Framing is divided into two categories heavy-frame construction (heavy framing) and light-frame construction (light framing).  These categories are the standards in building framing.  Heavy framing is mostly used if the vertical supports are few and heavy including timber framing, pole building framing, or steel framing, Light framing is smaller and lighter and includes balloon, platform and light-steel framing.

What are The Benefits of Using Incredible Builders Experienced Elgin Framing Professionals?

As our customer, you can be rest assured that retaining our assistance means every dollar is well spent and within budget. Whether you have a commercial facility or a business or home owner, the solutions offered by Incredible Builders, for your framing problems are effective and high-quality. We have experience with a variety of multiple projects each unique. You can trust Incredible Builders with your Elgin framing project.

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