Framing Hampshire

Framing is a part of construction that consists of the fitting together of pieces to help give a structure its shape and support.  The materials that are commonly used in framing are usually: wood, engineered wood or structural steel.  The frame of the structure is the most important component of a construction project.  If a structure is not properly framed it could end up being a disaster.  It is mandatory to have the required knowledge and experience when it comes to understanding the use of certain materials when it comes to framing.  At Incredible Builders in Hampshire we surely have both the knowledge and experience needed to get the job done right.  No other business has the knowhow, knowledge, and experience that Incredible Builders in Hampshire has.  We have vast knowledge of all the materials that we use.  No other business can say that they are as knowledgeable as Incredible Builders in Hampshire.

When choosing to use either wood or metal framing there are some very important facts that must be taken into consideration such as; metal framing is fire resistant, metal framing last longer than wood, metal framing is not as energy efficient as wood, metal framing is more expensive than wood, metal framing is not as strong as wood, and metal framing is a greener alternative. Now let’s take a closer look at these facts.  Considering the fact that metal framing is fire resistant the homeowner’s chances of experiencing fire damage is reduced tremendously. Metal framing unlike wood is not biodegradable.  Wood often has the tendency to rot over a period of time.  Metal is not energy efficient because it is not a good insulating material.  It actually does just the opposite by conducting cold and heat. Although both the prices of wood and steel fluctuate, yet steel will be more expensive because of contractors having to use specialized tools.  Now it’s not hard to see that metal framing will maintain structural integrity but it is not good for cabinetry and heavy wall hangings.  At Incredible Builders in Hampshire we are framing experts.  Before you consider building your dream house consider us so we can make your dream become a reality.

The framing is one of the most important parts of building a house.  It has a major affect on the structural integrity of the house.  When building a house it is important to make the best decision on what type of materials will be used for the framing process.  Either wood or metal framing will be used.  At Incredible Builders in Hampshire we are framing experts.  We know what materials will work best for you based on the structural design that you desire.  There is no other business that is as knowledgeable as Incredible Builders in Hampshire when it comes to framing materials.  We take pride in the work that we do and we are sure you will love the work that we will do for our building project.