Materials commonly used in framing are either wood or structural steel. Framing is the most important part of a construction project. If the structure is not stable it will compromise the entire construction project. Here at Incredible Builders in West Dundee we are very knowledgeable when it comes to framing. We are the best in the construction industry. Incredible Builders in West Dundee is not arrogant about the work that we do but instead we are very confident. Our great reputation speaks for itself.

When you choose to use either wood or metal framing there are some factors to take into consideration. Wood framing will not last if metal framing. Wood framing does not last if metal framing. Metal framing on the other hand might not be as energy efficient as wood but it is fire resistant, which decreases the chances of the framing being damaged by fire. This fact about metal framing justifies it being more expense than wood framing. One unfortunate thing about metal framing is that it is not environmentally friendly. Because of this more people may be more favorable of using the wood framing for their construction projects. Products that are great for the environment seem to be in big demand. Although wood has the tendency to rot, yet it is not that costly. Wood framing is going to less difficult to build because unlike metal framing it does not require the use of specialized to tools. In most cases wood framing is going to be a better choice especially for those that want a good quality project for their homes without having to be concerned about it being too expensive. At Incredible Builders in West Dundee we are framing experts. For our customers that may be a little indecisive on what type of framing to use we have experts available to give them advice on making the choice that is most suitable for their needs.

Without a doubt framing is the most important part of the house. If it is not done properly it could lead to disaster. Structural integrity is essential for preserving the long-term value of your home. Whether you choose to use metal or wood framing our experts at Incredible Builders in West Dundee can accommodate your framing needs. Nobody else in the construction business is as knowledgeable about the framing business as Incredible Builders in West Dundee. Unlike our competitors we have the experience that enables us to do framing work both effectively and efficiently.