Home Additions Huntley

Incredible Builders home additions add space and value to your Huntley home.  We have often been asked by many clients, “How can we remodel our home to add additional space and value?”  Adding value to your home is definitely a good idea if it fits in your budget, whether it’s adding square footage by finishing off a basement or attic space, adding additional rooms or a second story to your home, or finishing off a garage space.  Incredible Builder has seen and built it these examples and more. You have probably considered many variations of home additions, to you Huntley home, and how nice it would be to add an extra room or just a little more space. The only limit is your imagination.

From design to final walk through, Incredible Builders does it all!  Our team has the proficiency and experience to work with you through every phase the design, permit, and construction processes. Our goal is to streamline the remodel timeline and decrease your “hassle” factor.  We believe thorough effective planning results in an amazing stress reduced home addition.

Our five-phase process to a Huntley home addition:

Phase One: We visit your home to discuss needs and wants, and explore all the possibilities, while we perform and initial walkthrough. We need to discuss your overall vision for your new home addition construction design before offering our ideas and suggestions.

Phase Two:  A predetermined deposit will allow us to start the process. We have financing partners available, whom we trust, if one is needed. We also have several architects and interior designs we can get you in contact with as needed. The design process is streamlined to ensure that the old and new blend seamlessly into one another and the space is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. We will provide you straightforward pricing for our design and project planning services before work begins.

Phase Three: Before we begin construction, we will prepare a work area with the least amount of disruptions possible. The space will allow us to do our job while leaving you enough space to live as normal as possible.

Phase Four: Construction – we will work according to the schedule laid out in the building plan and communicate every phase of the way.

Phase Five: The Big Reveal – Final Walkthrough.  We love this part.  This is when we proudly show you the finished product and get to see the smiles on your faces. Once completed, your new home addition will look and feel as if it’s always been part of the family!

Call us today at (844)447-3424 to set an appointment to start your Huntley home addition!