One of the main tenets of the American Dream is owning a home. Owning a home, in West Dundee, IL, requires maintenance and sometimes updating. Sometimes, we decide our home needs an addition, such as another room, bathroom, etc. Whether you want to add another room in your house or you may want to widen your driveway to make space for a new vehicle, Incredible Builders has the expertise to help with home additions West Dundee. Most ideas for home additions start off very small and basic, which can quickly expand in scope and expectations. When it comes to your home never hold back on your dreams of renovations. Regardless of your home additions needs no project is too complicated for Incredible Builders in West Dundee.

Home additions can be overwhelming and almost as difficult as building the house itself. Things may appear to be a little rough at the outset, but home additions always pay off in the end. They help improve the look of your home, while increasing your property’s overall value. In most cases, home additions start off with just a simple idea but eventually develop into something much greater. Examples of additional rooms include sports room, man cave, guest house, etc. These room additions are categorized more generically for the builder.
• Conventional House Addition – A conventional house addition is a multi-room structure that is built onto the side of a house and which is permanently open to the main house.
• Room Addition or Bump Out – A room addition or bump out is a single room structure built onto the side of a house meant for a single function, such as a bedroom or bathroom.
• Sunroom – A sunroom is an addition to the side of the house that is usually a supplemental living area. Sunrooms typically can be closed off from the main part of the house with doors.
• Garage Conversion – A garage conversion is a one- or two-vehicle attached garage that has been turned into a living space by adding flooring, replacing the garage door with a solid wall, and installing a ceiling.

“Your Imagination is your only limitation,” which we are fond of saying at Incredible Builders in West Dundee. Whatever type of home addition dream you have we can make it a reality. We encourage our customers to put all their creativity into their home addition projects, to make it unique to them. Unique is good and welcomed. Size does not matter, big or small, your home addition project will receive our high quality of work you have come to expect. Before beginning your project, we thoroughly inspect your property to ensure that the addition to your home is feasible. We want to know will your property be able to handle the addition. Once we begin your home addition, we keep disruptions to a minimum allowing you to go about your day to day routine.

Incredible Builders in West Dundee is highly experienced and respected in the construction industry. There is no other building company as knowledgeable about home additions as Incredible Builders in West Dundee. We know and understand what it takes to make your home addition project a success. Your expectations will never be minimized. Although home additions are never easy, yet the hard work that is put into them pays off. Not only do home additions increased beauty of your home but it also increases the value of your home as well. Give Incredible Builders an opportunity to handle all your Home addition in West Dundee.