Incredible Builders, Inc.:  Home Remodeling and Energy Efficiency

When homeowners are considering remodeling older homes, we suggest you include energy efficiency as part of your planning.   Areas for review should include insulation, windows, lighting, appliances, climate controls, and HVAC age.  The main reasons are saving money in the years ahead, and having a more comfortable living space.  Building codes for energy loss have been increased over the last 20 years, and manufacturers have responded with more energy-efficient products.  An energy audit will show what areas need to be addressed.

Your HVAC system should be reviewed especially if you are adding an addition.  Older HVAC systems may only be 80% efficient and may not accommodate a larger footprint. Replacing with new units can provide up to 97% efficiency with multi-stage operation and variable speed fan.


Climate controls can make an impact on reducing energy and saving money on your heating and cooling bills.  New thermostats are available with programmable settings that automatically raise or lower temperatures during the day and night-time.  Some controls come with an app for your smart phone that allows you to change settings from wherever you are.  This allows you hold a specific temperature that you forgot to set when you went on vacation. 


Windows tend to be the largest energy loss as well as the areas around the windows. Older windows should be replaced with new energy efficient double or triple pane windows.  Caulking around windows should be installed to seal against air leaks.  Older doors and door thresholds should be replaced and sealed with caulk. If an older home has an unfinished attic, additional insulation is probably needed.  Air leaks around electrical outlets can be addressed with an insulating product in the wall around the outlet.  Skylights can add natural sun light providing additional heat to rooms, and reducing energy costs.

Consider replacing older kitchen appliances with newer energy efficient models.  Refrigerators are typically the highest energy draw.   If part of your plan is to remodel the kitchen, you should consider replacing all your appliances with energy star-rated models.  Not only will you see energy cost savings, but it will add to the home value.  Consider replacing light bulb with LED bulbs.

A link on energy star, can provide many ideas on energy savings and product rebates.  You should also consider tax credits that may be available on energy saving products.

Home owner should also consider Solar Panels.  Most installations are sized to cover your electrical needs based on the size of the family and size of house. For example a family of 2 may only need 12 panels where as  a family of 5 may need 24 panels. Now most folk think that the panels will be too expensive.  There are incentives available to lower the panel costs.   In 2019, the federal government covers 30% of home solar panel costs via a federal solar tax credit.  ComEd covers an additional nearly 30% of the system cost by purchasing Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) from the homeowner.   


                                  So Consider Incredible Builders Inc. (IBI) for your remodeling needs.  IBI has an “A+” Rating with the BetterBusiness Bureau, and 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.  We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your project.  Please give us a call at 844-HIRE-IBI (844-447-3424).