Summer time is usually when you plan to spend more time outside in your yard.  Maybe you have a patio and would like to have a deck. Or    perhaps you want to add a patio cover so that you can shelter from the hot sun.  But later in the day, the bugs come out, and you would like to have screening to shield against having bug bites.  Call Incredible Builders Inc. to guide you through these projects.  Here is what expertise we can provide you with.

Decks – we are experienced in building custom size decks to fit you space requirements and attached to your home to provide the proper size and design to match architectural look as part of your home.  We have ten carpenters on staff to assist and build your new deck.  Do you want a lumber deck that needs periodic staining or would you prefer a maintenance free  decking material?

Patio Covers – we would discuss with you the different designs that we can provide to fit the size of your existing patio or deck.  Architecturally, we would help decide what type of roof shape looks best attached to your home.  It can vary from a straight roof, gable roof , hip roof or cathedral style of roof.  Do you want skylight installed to provide some sun light in?  What type of lighting would best serve you needs?  We can build you a wood patio cover.  As a distributor of Four Seasons, we can build your cover using their aluminum product.

Patio Cover/Screen room Conversion –  This product is the best of both products as convert your existing Patio Cover to a screen by adding Four Seasons remove control screens.  Then you can have a Patio Cover by day and let the screens down in the evening to protect against.  Additionally we can supply a lumber built Patio Cover/Screen Room.  Lastly, we can provide you a Four Season “Liferoom” totally constructed out of aluminum with the remote control screen.   We would discuss the lighting that fits your needs.

In summary, we will provide free estimates for design and construction. This will help decide if the project is within your budget constraints.  If it is over your budget, we can work with your design with ideas that could lower the cost to meet budget.  We will assign a project manager that will adhere to the schedule obtain necessary permits and work with village inspectors to pass their requirements.  Please contact Incredible Builders Inc. at 844-HIRE IBI (844-447-3424), or through our website contact page.