Whether you are adding a room addition, remodeling an existing room or finishing a basement, the latest trend is having a Media Room.  The features of a Media Room will depend on the home owner’s budget and the space that is available.  It can provide family and friends with a great entertainment experience that will rival the large commercial Movie Theaters chains.  Friends congregate there to watch the big game. Families go there to watch a movie together.  For the movie buff, having a home theater room is a must. Although it might seem like a splurge, watching the newest blockbuster movie with surround sound and theater seating from the comfort of your own home will really enhance your movie-watching experience. Start by deciding on an overall theme to use for your home theater design. Do you want to have a general cinematic feel, or do you have a favorite genre of films?  This will determine the décor of the room, colors, lighting, sound, and picture quality.  You may want to have some posters and directional lights pointed at the wall of the TV screen.

    Small Media Room

The Media Room is normally outfitted with a large screen Television/Monitor, surround sound, and comfortable seating.  Depending on how close other rooms are in comparison to the Media Room, sound proofing the walls may be a consideration. 

Medium Sized Media Room

Typically, inside walls of homes are not insulated, but this should be done in the Media Room.   Insulation should be rated at R11 or higher.  Sound proofing allows the sound in the room to be quieter in the rest of the rooms near it.  Once the pre-wiring of the room is completed, additional soundproofing should be added.  Media Room wiring should take advantage of all the streaming services like Netflix, Disney, or Hulu, and you should consider the location of a Surround Sound system.  Several of the surround sound systems use “wireless blue tooth” and their wiring is not as critical.  Dolby 7.1 surround sound is a good choice.   For convenience purposes, you may want a mini –fridge, microwave unit, and a small wet bar in the room (depending on the size of the room).

Large Sized Media Room

The size of the TV/video system should be dictated by the size of the room.  Usually a 60 inch screen or larger is recommended, and features like blue tooth capability and Screen sharing with a smart phone.   Seating should be comfortable, and accommodate 8 to 10 people.  There are various manufacturers of theater seating products. The use of track lighting or adjustable can lighting around the TV Screen will enhance the viewing experience.  Dimmer switches should be employed to change the mood of the room during movie watching, sports games or console gaming use. Soft colors pallet for the walls should be considered to complete the room.

As you can see, there are many considerations required to build a great Media Room.  The average home owner may not be well versed in which solution is the best fit.  So consider working with Incredible Builders, Inc (IBI) for your media room and remodeling needs.  IBI has an “A+” rating with the BetterBusiness Bureau, and 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.  We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your project.  Please give us a call at 844-HIRE-IBI (844-447-3424).