Spring is approaching!

Winter has been mild so far in Huntley and Marengo, and spring is fast approaching.   We offer a reminder to replace your filter on your furnace, and have a professional check out your air conditioning unit for proper operation.  We recommend that your smoke detector batteries be tested and replaced if needed.  On March 8, you will need to set you clocks back as daylight saving time starts.

Spring is probably the best time for remodeling projects.  It offers warmer weather and longer days which is conducive to workers.  As it takes longer getting permit approval in the spring as villages get swamped with requests for permits. Here are some projects that you might consider for spring and summer.


Window Replacement –

You should check for winter damage to the outside of windows, and failing glass seals.  Age, style and colors can also affect the decision to replace windows.


Decks –

You may want to replace an existing deck or build a new one. Layout and design should provide sufficient space desired for comfort and entertaining family and friends.  Consideration should be given for type of building material (lumber or maintenance free decking).


Patio Covers –

In the past, you may have wanted to have some shade for your patio.  In addition some patio covers are being built with remote control screens that can be left up during the day and turned down at dusk when the bugs and insects come out.


Room Additions –

You may need additional space to prepare for a growing family, taking care of a parent, or a separate space to be used as a family room.  The use of the room should dictate size as well as the Platt of survey.  Villages restrict the size of your home as a percentage of a home owner’s lot.  This would be clarified during the permit process. Cement foundations typically cannot be poured until mid-April.


Kitchens –

You may want to refresh the look of your kitchen or completely upgrade it for the future.  You can improve or replace your kitchen cabinets, countertops, or appliances. Although some kitchen remodeling materials can be tricky to find, manufacturers know that spring is a great time to offer discounts. If you want to enlarge the kitchen by removing walls, your contractor would employ an engineer and /or architect to decide what is/is not load bearing walls.