Building a new home or structure on your property Next to the foundation, the frame of the structure is the most important component of the build. If the structure is not framed properly, then all else is a moot point. Proper knowledge and experience is required along with the know-how and understanding of materials and their use in framing a home. What materials work for the type of structure being built. Incredible Builders has the experience and unsurpassed knowledge to provide you with the guarantee the job will be done right.

No other business in Hampshire, IL has the years of experience, knowledge, and know-how of Incredible Builders. From Steel to Wood, we know the materials inside and out. For instance, the framer must be aware of where the rafters and ceiling joists are going to sit before framing the first floor. By place the floor joists directly under the rafters and studs on the joists will provide straight mechanical runs, and proper load bearing.

When choosing between metal and wood framing a few facts that should be considered:

  • Metal Framing Lasts Longer than Wood – Steel framing is not as biodegradable as wood. Metal wall framing is made of light-gauge, galvanized steel.
  • Metal Framing is Fire Resistant – Every homeowner dreads the possibility of fire, and one distinct advantage of metal wall framing over traditional wood framing is that steel is not flammable.
  • Metal Framing is a Greener Alternative – Steel, the primary ingredient of metal framing, is completely recyclable. Unlike wood, which produces much more waste during construction, metal framing is relatively waste-free.
  • Metal Framing Installation is More Expensive than Wood – Both wood and steel prices fluctuate daily; however, the additional expense of specialized tools and related construction materials make steel framing a more expensive option.
  • Metal Framing is Less Energy Efficient than Wood – steel is not a good insulating material; it actually conducts cold and heat.
  • Metal Framing is not as Strong as Wood – While it will maintain structural integrity, metal framing is not a good support for cabinetry and heavy wall hangings.


Before you build your house, consider the framing experts in Hampshire, Incredible Builders.